He directed 2 of the most reverred documentaries made in the last 20 years (you'll likely find both of them on many lists of top documentaries of all time – 1994's Hoop Dreams and 2011's The Interrupters), and now director Steve James will continue his exploration of class, economic division, education, values in a new documentary with British economist, writer, activist Raj Patel that will focus specifically on what they describe as "fixing a broken food system today so that everyone can eat tomorrow."

Titled the Generation Food project, here's a summary:

Changing the food system couldn’t be more urgent. All signs point to that conclusion, whether you consider the droughts, floods and fires caused by climate change, the rise in global food prices, or that the health effects of our current food system is predicted to shorten children’s lives. Better, SMARTER ways of growing food, and feeding the world are needed, now. That’s why we’re developing a new documentary, book and multimedia project, called Generation Food. We want to show how ordinary women and men around the world are overcoming obstacles and “setting the table” for themselves, their communities, and generations to come. Generation Food is our way of sharing the resilience and wisdom of these communities with you, and yours with them online, on screen, on paper and in person.

And to do just that, the production team, led by James, Patel, as well as fourteen researchers who have all worked for over a year to find some of the most inspiring stories from across the world (from a climate-change-ready farming system in Cuba, to a way of cooking and eating that transforms women’s lives in Malawi, and much more), need to raise $50,000 in 6 weeks, which is obviously where you come in.

Given the folks involved in this, and the topic, I'd say it's definitely a worthwhile project, and one that deserves your contribution.

But watch the pitch below from James and Patel, and if you're sold, visit the film's IndieGoGo page HERE (or click in the widget at the bottom of this post) to make your donation to the project.