The internet has long been overflowing with people eager to insult and attack. Present times are no different. But Rep. Ayanna Pressley had a succinct, and hilarious, response to one nasty comment sent about her on Wednesday. 

Rapper Common shared a beautiful quote from her on his Twitter page, highlighting comments she made about poverty. 

"'Poverty is not naturally occurring; it is a policy choice.' Rep. Ayanna Pressley," Common wrote.

The relatively anodyne quote provoked a lot of negative responses from conservative media outlets, according to The Hill.

But one commenter went after Pressley for not changing her hairstyle. In January 2020, Pressley told The Root that she had alopecia and had reached a point where she no longer wanted to hide the fact that she was bald. 

"My twists have become such a synonymous and a conflated part of not only my personal identity and how I show up in the world but my political brand. And that's why I think it's important that I'm transparent about this new normal and living with alopecia," she told the news outlet.

A commenter on Common's post wrote, "She could at least wear a weave. I can’t…"