Babs Olusanmokun, who some might remember from Andrew Dosunmu's Restless City (or on TV in popular series like Law & Order: CI, The Unit and others) co-stars in this film adaptation of director Nick Sandow and writer Michael Batistick’s critically acclaimed stage play Ponies, which saw a 2-week theatrical run at New York’s Cinema Village last month.

Set in New York City within the world of Off Track Betting (OTB), Ponies reflects the anxieties faced by recent immigrants to post-9/11 America. The main characters have fled their home countries because of war or other forms of strife, but they find that America is not necessarily a safe haven.

Babs also starred in the stage play (as Nigerian Ken), along with co-stars, John Ventimiglia (as Croatian Drazen) and Tonye Patano. Rounding out the film's cast is Kevin Corrigan.

No word yet on future theatrical screenings, or when the film might be out on DVD/VOD. 

Until we know more, here's its trailer:

“Ponies” Trailer from CreativeChaos vmg on Vimeo.