nullSpike Lee's documantary about the making of Michael Jackson's Bad album will soon make it's U.K. broadcast premiere, while its debut on American TV screens did not live up to what was hoped for.

First of all, regarding news across the Big Pond, the documentary will premiere next Saturday December 1 on BBC2 at 9:45PM (21:45).

However, the film had a lackluster debut on the ABC Network on Thanksgiving evening, pulling in only 4.2  million viewers.  

No doubt, the competition played a major role in the disappointing numbers, when you consider that the NFL football game on NBC that same night pulled in 15.9 million viewers, and The X Factor USA on Fox came in second with 9.4 million.

Obviously, Thanksgiving was a poor choice for ABC to showcase Bad 25. Football is the public's choice of what to watch on TV on Turkey Day.