No real surprise here that both the Paula Patton rom-com Baggage
 – directed by David E. Talbert – and the Ice Cube/Kevin Hart comedy Ride Along – directed by Tim Story – both received PG-13 ratings from the MPAA this week.

Claim, which opens on Sept 27, got its rating “for sexual content and some language.” Or, in other words, no nekkid people, and no graphic sex, which means no fun.

Ride Along, which opens on Jan. 17 2014, got its rating “for sequences of violence, sexual content
and brief strong language,
” which translates to, some shooting but no one
gets hit, a few people get punched out and maybe just one use of the “F” word.

One of these days, someone is going to make an NC-17 black film “for full frontal nudity and graphic
sex and extremely bloody violence and gore.

And I should be the one to do it.