Baron Davis is pivoting from his success on the basketball court to diving into this new venture –  The Black Santa Company. He's going beyond just creating a company that's tied to Christmas, but creating a company that celebrates positive black role models and promote giving all year round.   He's produced a series of videos that promote the "Giving Has No Season" theme and is planning to produce a series of products beyond just apparel that will include games, cartoons, coloring books and other items to reinforce strong images.  

Check out one of his videos:

“This is a character-focused company that I want to use to expand people’s imaginations,” said Davis, a product of South Central Los Angeles, where he credits his success to sports, film, great cartoons and a vivid imagination. “We live in a world that needs a constant reminder of hope and positivity, particularly in neighborhoods like where I grew up. I want to give people the ability to dream and imagine something different. I want to make people feel good about themselves.”

 The Black Santa Company offers contemporary twists to traditional characters in a world that is becoming increasingly diverse.  Davis intends to serve the roughly $100 billion Christmas market for African Americans, which despite its size is still underserved. The company’s initial product suite will offer a range of products, including ornaments, wrapping paper, as well as limited apparel.

Beyond the holiday season, people will be able to engage with the brand through social media and video content, highlighting positivity and good in their communities.  The company will offer relevant content, characters, and product year-round, starting with its the campaign #GivingHasNoSeason. Click here to listen to some more testimonials. 

Baron states: “With all that’s going on in this country, and particularly in the African-American community, I want to offer heroes and role models through storytelling. Black Santa is the first character. His mission is to celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good.  He’s here to bring people together and have fun.  So while I may not be making moves on the basketball court now, The Black Santa Company is my new basketball.”