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You can tell a lot about a man from his watch. That, his cologne & the way he treats his mother, too. I heard that my entire life growing up in the south. Embarrassingly, I’ll admit that I’ve only owned 2 watches.. One of which is an electric blue G-Shock that I scored from the back of someone’s trunk in West Atlanta & the other was a “Rolex” that my “father” gave me for Christmas in 2013. (quote marks intentional).

It’s way past due that I’m in need of a big boy watch. I’m a man of gradually taking things slow & appreciating the progression, so I didn’t want to jump right into buying anything in the $400-$500 range. I wanted a starter watch. Thanks to the internet, I was able to cross paths with NYC based watch company Barron Arden & they slapped a pretty sweet timepiece on my wrist. We connected on Instagram & they sent me The Kipps & The Park Barron to test-drive. (along with a nice hand-written note telling me to enjoy, which I freaking loved!)

Barron Arden

Here’s what I think so far about Barron Arden watches:

  1. They’re simple, minimal & get straight to the point. It’s not a huge-faced watch with a compass & can voice call your mother if you need it to. It’s a watch. And a really handsome watch at that.
  2. They have these interchangeable straps that make them a total hybrid piece. They sent me a black suede, brown leather & a navy nylon strap. Switching out the straps takes patience, but it’s worth it given the options you can come up with.

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Barron Arden

Who do I think this watch is for:

It’s safe to say this watch is a necessity. You will always need “that ” watch that can go with anything. It’s a perfect starter watch for someone who is looking for their first timepiece. It’s also perfect for the clean-cut gentleman, but could also be for the modern-day hipster. Attractive against a blazer, yet still acceptable with street wear. I mean, they should just rename the watch after me. 

Barron Arden


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