nullShooting began last week on the 5th season of VH-1's hit reality show Basketball Wives and already trouble is brewing.

The major players on the show, including Shaunie O' Nneal, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketcham, have been working without locked contracts, and they all are demanding significant salary increases or else they will walk off the show.

VH-1, according to media reports, had already informed the cast, before shooting for the new season began, that there would be no pay increases for anyone whatsoever, and that if any cast member had a problem with it, they could leave the show and be replaced.

Reportedly the cast has responded to the network, saying that they are not budging over their demands, and will walk en masse off the show next week, if a deal isn't set.

So who will blink first?