A London community protested outside a local beauty supply store after a video of the owner getting into a physical altercation with a Black woman went viral.

According to Shine My Crown, the incident occurred on Monday when Edilenny Dotel went to Peckham Hair and Cosmetics to request a refund. When store owner Sohail Sindho denied her request, the two exchanged words, causing the situation to escalate. When Dotel left he establishment, Sindho blocked the doorway because he believed the teenager attempted to walk out without paying for new products. Dotel denied the allegations and said the items in her bag were the same items she had upon entering the store.

The viral footage begins with Sindho pushing the 18-year-old away from the door with his left hand grabbing her neck and his right hand grabbing her right shoulder. After a few seconds, Dotel hits him in the head with a small basket in self-defense. He then puts both hands around the girl’s neck, choking her, as they spin around in a circle, knocking hair off the wall.

“I’m gonna call the police” can be heard twice in the background from the woman recording the video. When Dotel sees her filming, she thanks her and asks her to “call the police” multiple times as she tries to break free.

Local citizens were outraged by Dotel’s treatment and reacted by gathering in the streets outside Peckham Hair and Cosmetics.

Due to community concerns and an ongoing investigation, government officials shut down the store. In a statement, Detective Chief Superintendent Seb Adjei-Addoh addressed the incident while reassuring the community that his team of police are available for support.

“I would like to thank local people for their patience as we work to establish the full circumstances around the allegations made,” the statement began. “We continue to examine various clips of footage that depict small sections of the wider incident and are working to establish what offenses were committed and by whom.”

He added, “My officers will be patrolling Rye Lane today to provide reassurance to the community — I know that this incident will cause concern and I urge anyone who is worried to speak with their local policing team or with officers on patrol.”