One grandfather has become a social media superstar after refusing to let his grandson get bored during quarantine. 

The grandfather showed off his creative chops and built a roller coaster in the backyard using a toy car and wooden wheels on a ramp attached to the fence. In the video posted to Twitter, granddad is seen pushing the boy back and forth on the roller coaster.

The boy's mother's first posted a video of the project before it was done, saying "it's not done, but they're having the times of they lives."

She then followed up with another post. 

The post received over 315,000 likes and plenty of praise before it was even completed. One person noted how the grandfather has managed to do what others only dream of. 

There were also some who desperately wanted to replicate the project. 

Others wish they were as lucky at the youngin'. 

The grandfather not only brought fun for his family, but also brought smiles to the people who saw the project.

One person noted how the media doesn't often show Black fathers showing out like this.

The mother describes herself as a wax specialist in the DMV area. She used the viral video to promote her business, Cloud 9 Wax Studio. 

There's no telling what pops will come up with next, so we're just going to follow our good waxing sis and stay tuned.