Smart move by BET, and I applaud it. Even though we've championed Luther here on S&A, and I know a lot of you folks have already watched the series – both seasons – I'm also aware that there's still a large percentage of America (specifically black America) who have yet to watch a single episode, and probably don't even know that the series exists, which is unfortunate.

But with this pickup by BET, it should expand the show's accessibility, and more people will get to know what may be some of Idris Elba's best on-screen work. 

As reported by on BET's website this morning, the critically-acclaimed, Golden Globe-winning series (Idris won for his performance) will air in a marathon this Saturday, July 14th, starting at 8:30AM/7:30C on BET.

The website doesn't say, but I'm guessing the marathon will include both existing seasons.