BET+ has announced its summer slate and it includes the Martin reunion, College Hill’s return and more.

The new slate of shows and films coming to the streaming service run the gamut from laugh-out-loud comedies like The Ms. Pat Show to pulpy soaps, dramas and docuseries like Carl Weber’s The Black Hamptons, The Queen’s Men, and American Gangster: Trap Queens. BET+ is also promoting its upcoming special, Martin: The Reunion. College Hill is also making a return with the new series College Hill: Celebrity Edition.

Here’s what you can expect this summer.

June 2

Bruh, season 3

Episodes 301-305 now streaming with new episodes weekly

In season 3 of Tyler Perry’s Bruh, the five friends encounter a host of new challenges as the consequences of past and present decisions manifest while they strive to maintain the brotherly bond between them.

I Love Us–New series

All episodes available at launch

Comedy duo Kym Whitley and Kountry Wayne take audiences on a hilarious trip through the funniest and most outrageous clips on the web. I Love Us flips the script on clip shows by offering a Black perspective and an elevated level of comedy that avoids the obvious. While the clips themselves will be funny, they are only part of the comedy equation.

Outsiders-New film

A Black high school student finds himself under suspicion after his classmate’s mysterious disappearance. Starring Rutina Wesley, Taryn Manning, Shane West, Skylan Brooks and Clark Backo.

June 9

American Gangster: Trap Queens, season 3B

All episodes available at launch

Narrated by rap legend Lil’ Kim, the true crime series returns with five all-new episodes featuring the stories of Sydia Bagley, Lonett “Cookie” Williams, Pam Driskel, Tracie Dickey and Demi “Mimi” Harrison; whose crimes range from robbery and drug trafficking to real estate fraud. This season of TRAP QUEENS will continue to offer epic, tragic and significant cautionary tales of women seduced by the allure of the underworld to become ultimate crime bosses. Viewers will witness their rise to a fantasy world of riches built on crime before an inescapable fall when they’re forced to face the severe consequences of their actions. The series portrays each Queen’s compelling story through first-hand accounts interwoven with archival footage and subtle recreations giving viewers a resonant and visceral experience.

June 16

Martin: The Reunion–New special

90-minute special

This 90-minute reunion special takes fans back to the iconic Martin living room set and reunites the original cast – Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold and Carly Anthony Payne II – for a once in a lifetime celebration of the show’s five season-long history. Hosted by Affion Crockett, the cast will look back on the show’s most hilarious moments, revisit the iconic characters Martin made famous and pay an emotional tribute to the late, great Tommy Ford. Complete with musical performances and drop-ins by celebrity super fans, MARTIN: THE REUNION brings back the wazzup wazzup wazzup passion fans have been waiting for.

Block Party–New film

The comedy centers on Keke McQueen (Antoinette Robertson), a recent Harvard grad who is eager to ditch her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan for her dream job in Atlanta. But when Keke discovers that her once-super-sharp Grandma Janice (Academy Award® nominee Margaret Avery) is showing early signs of dementia, Keke puts her career at stake in order to save her Grandma’s renowned Juneteenth block party. In the process, Keke falls back in love with her hometown.

June 23

Bid for Love–New film

After being injured and doing a bid in prison due to Memphis (Blue Kimble), her former drug trafficking boyfriend, Sasha (Dawn Halfkenny) comes out into the arms of Malik (Adrian Lockett). Malik spoils her with gifts and gets her a job at his real estate office. However, Malik constantly uses his gifts and her past against her to keep her in his grasp. A love-struck Sasha falls head over heels for Malik who slowly attempts to alienate her from her friends and family and secretly plots against her. Her therapist, Dr. Simone (Tami Roman) and unexpected new friends open her eyes to her history of relationships and give her advice on how to deal with them and get her life back.

June 27

College Hill: Celebrity Edition–New series

Episodes 101-102 launch June 27 followed by a new episode every Thursday starting June 30

College Hill is back! In the reimagined new season, celebrities will live together and join the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Texas Southern University as students. Nene Leakes, Ray J, Lamar Odom, Big Freedia, Stacey Dash, DreamDoll, India Love, and Slim Thug head back to class to expand their educational horizons. The eight-episode series will explore college life through a celebrity lens while showcasing the unique cultural and academic experience of HBCUs. Despite their respective fame and notoriety, each cast member is committed to focusing on their higher education as a personal challenge to prove it’s never too late. Enrolled alongside current Texas Southern University students, the cast will work towards completing a specialty certificate program to cross the graduation stage. Though to triumph, like any ordinary college student, they must complete their course work along with required internships, extra credit opportunities, group projects, and more. Who will take the lead on group projects? Who will pull an all-nighter? Who will graduate and who won’t?

July 1

The Black Hamptons–New series

All episodes available at launch

A family drama set in the quaint town of Sag Harbor known as The Black Hamptons follows the brewing feud between the Brittons and Johnsons where the difference between old money and new money is very apparent. THE BLACK HAMPTONS not only features the glitz and gloss of the Black elite, but also exposes the secrets of wealth and prestige. With a mix of legacy families, their friends, wannabes and thirsty developers, drama can never be too far behind. Based on a novel by The New York Times best-selling author Carl Weber, THE BLACK HAMPTONS stars Lamman Rucker, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Elise Neal.

July 14

All The Queen’s Men, season 2–New Season

All episodes available at launch

The one-hour drama will pick up on the life of “Marilyn ‘Madam’ DeVille,” played by Eva Marcille. In season one, viewers witnessed Madam’s swagger as a fierce businesswoman who rules all in the lucrative male exotic nightclub industry. She is surrounded by a band of trusted employees who are down to make sure that Madam and her empire is successful. As her journey continues in season two, she is hell bent on expanding her Queendom. However, she soon discovers that more money and more power mean more problems. Season two will pick up with her navigating this sexy yet dangerous world in an effort to stay alive and ahead of the game. Fans will also rejoin Madam’s loyal team as the following series regulars return: Skyh Alvester Black as “Amp ‘Addiction’ Anthony,” Candace Maxwell as “DJ Dime,” Racquel Palmer as “Blue,” Michael ‘Bolo’ Bolwaire as “Doc,” Keith Swift Jr. as “Babyface,” Dion Rome as “El Fuego,” and Jeremy ‘Masterpiece’ Williams as “Midnight.” Creator Christian Keyes will also reprise his intriguing role as “The Concierge.” Additionally, recurring cast member Carter the Body returns as “Trouble” solidifying her spot in Club Eden amongst a roster of hot male counterparts.

July 21

Ghost in the House of Truth–New film

Bola Ogun (Susan Wokoma) is a dedicated counselor, who facilitates reconciliation sessions between convicts and the victims of their crimes. When her own daughter goes missing, her belief in forgiveness is tested. Directed by Akin Omotoso and starring Susan Wokoma, Tope Tedela, Fabian Adeoye Lojede and Kemi Lala Akindoju.

July 28

Family Business, season 4–New season

All episodes available at launch

Welcome to the world of the Duncan family. They appear to be upstanding citizens running one of New York’s most respected car dealerships, but in reality, they’re leaders of the black mafia who control most of the East Coast underworld. No matter which job is at hand, one thing is true about the Duncans: there is nothing they won’t do for family.

August 11

The Ms. Pat Show, season 2–New season

All episodes available at launch

Fresh off an explosive critically acclaimed first season that Decider declared “one of the year’s notable new comedies,” Pat and her loveable family return for a second season this August. The “grown folks sitcom,” complete with unfiltered language, is based on Pat’s incredible real-life story of a teen mom and former convicted felon from inner city Atlanta turned suburban mom living in Indiana. Season 2 of the series, which has already taken on profound topics including non-binary pronouns, school shootings, drug addiction, racism, and child abuse, finds the Carson family moving from a period of adjusting to a white suburban neighborhood into a season of growth in these new surroundings. This modern, multi-generational African American family navigating life’s twists and turns against the backdrop of current cultural chaos will explore self-love and past traumas. Most importantly, Pat will confront her own demons, with plenty of laughs and even a few tears along the way, as only she can do.