Last May we announced the mega mutil-year production deal between BET/Viacom and husband/wife team, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, the brains behind the network's hit series, The Game, the movie Jumping The Broom and the upcoming Sparkle remake.

The deal included a 3-year agreement, with commitments to new, original series, which means we should expect more new scripted programming from BET, courtesy of the Akils.

This morning, we've learned of what the next Akil/BET original scripted offering will be… it'll be a drama series called Single Black Female.

BET has reportedly given a pilot order to what will be an hour-long series from the Akils, which will follow the professional and private family life of a black woman, who is also the host of a popular Atlanta-based talk show host.

Ok. I'm curious. So maybe it's like a reimagining of or contemporary take on Julia? Except our "Single Black Female" in Atlanta will likely be in a higher socio-economic class.

I just hope it doesn't go for low hanging fruit and it actually surprises us with some atypical ideas.

The fact that it'll be an hour-long show is worth noting. How many hour-long scripted drama series does BET air, or has BET ever aired?

I'm not a fan of The Game, nor did I care all that much for Jumping The Broom, and I've already expressed my concerns about a Sparkle remake; BUT, I gotta give props to the Akils. They content they create may not be my cup of tea, but they're in a rare position right now that many I'm sure covet.

No word on when we can expect to see Single Black Female, or who is being considered for the starring role.