And I thought her late night program was one of their prized possessions! Wha happin?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirms this, saying that they were told that the show has been put on “indefinite hiatus,” ie, it’s done, after just 2 seasons!

This didn’t appear to be an issue of ratings. I didn’t have time to do an entire season’s check on ratings so I sampled four weeks in April, 2011 vs. April 2010. Ratings from April 5 to April 29, 2010 averaged 615,000 viewers a night. From April 4 to April 28, 2011, her show averaged 586,000. That’s only a five percent drop.

Reasons cited include “conflicts between BET management and Mo’Nique..

Ya know, maybe that explains why Mo’Nique suddenly jumped back into feature film acting, with a supporting role in a film, which all seemed a little strange; that she’d make her return to the cinema in what read like a movie that was a step down from what she last did, with a less than impressive young, mostly white cast (read that July 19th post HERE).

It just seemed like a rush job to me!

Anyway, I never watched a full episode of her show, so I won’t exactly miss it, if it is indeed gone off the air.