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Not Your Pop's Clippers. Bevel Introduces Their Newest Product

If you aren't aware of the magic that is Bevel yet, it's about time you got familiar.

Catering primarily to our coily locks, the health and beauty company recently released the newest trimmer. Coming in at a price point at the top of the market, the $179.95 trimmer is available for pre-order starting January 11, 2016.

And these aren't your daddy's old school pair of clippers.

Specifically designed for people with coarse and curly hair, these trimmers are designed to give the clean crispy cuts. Bevel has designed a special coating to help repel oil, water and impurities to prevent razor bumps. Other features include:
  •  A touch grip and custom-faceted body for 360-degree handling and control for superior precision
  • Innovative dial to adjust trimmer blades to a zero gap alignment quickly and without any tools
  • Temperature control features that keep the trimmer cooler (relative to other leading brands) while in use
  • 4+ hours of battery life and the option to plug in while using
  • Ability to hold a charge up to 60 days
  • Snap-on-snap-off blades for quick changes and adjustments; this feature also allows users to bring their blades with them to their barber, removing any worries about cleanliness of the blade

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