Beyoncé had her babies!

We think …

Here’s what we know: 

Beyoncé is in the hospital.

Beyoncé has been pregnant for months now.

E! reports that the hospital in question is in L.A., and that they believe she’s been checked in under a false name.

The hospital is surrounded by security guards. Her floor is on lockdown. And around the hospital are a bunch of photographers and general nosy people like you and I, who want to take part in Beyoncé’s special moment. 

Also of note is that Jay Z and Solange have disappeared. Solange has no shows this week.

It’s as if the birth was scheduled.

Which it very well may have been, given that we had been told to expect the birth of the twins at the end of May. It’s now June. So.

Rumors say that she’s given birth to a boy and a girl.

Stay tuned though! You know we’ll be bringing you all the details in living color as we get them.