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Beyonce Dropped Some ‘BΔK’ Merchandise And You Should Probably Be Asking Your Lil’ Coachella Friends To Hook You Up Right About Now

As you can imagine, it's not easy to get your hands on either.

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After Queen Bey effectively snatched our edges with her historic Coachella performance, she's looking to snatch our coins too as she unveils new HBCU-inspired merchandise. 

Beyoncé's performance sent those of us watching at home and the lucky few that witnessed the greatness in person into a frenzy. For starters, it's Beyoncé. Secondly, it was so unapologetically black at one of the whitest functions of the year. Bey not only paid homage to HBCUs, black marching band and majorette culture and black Greek life, she also took it a step further and called Coachella out for being the first black woman to headline the festival in its 19-year history. 

"Ain't that about a b***h," the Houston native said Saturday night. 

Now, Teen Vogue is reporting that she's giving Coachella show-goers a chance to get into formation with her H-Bey-CU pieces. 

We were introduced to Bey's faux "BΔK" sorority and bug-a-boo fraternity pledges during her performance, and now we can proudly announce our induction with attire to match. 

The lineup includes tees and tanks with a pyramid and “BEYONCÉ COACHELLA CA ’18” printed on them and tees with “BΔK” emblazoned across the front that appear to range from $40-50. The pièce de résistance in the lineup was a varsity jacket featuring the shield design Bey rocked which includes the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, a black panther, a raised fist and a bee. The price tag is steep at $450.

If you are interested in copping any of this merch, hopefully you've either grabbed your tickets for next weekend or have someone at the festival who can grab it for you. It's unavailable anywhere else at this point. We know that our queen is strategic. Festival goers weren't even able to buy merch until her set began

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on some of this dope and meaningful merchandise, make your fellow members of BΔK proud.

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Malinda is a staff writer for Blavity, freelance content creator, and executive assistant residing in Cleveland, OH. As a proud graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, she loves all things HBCU. In her free time she enjoys being a bomb plant mom, self-care, bottomless mimosas and painting. Contact by email: malindajny@gmail.com