Beyoncé has had the conservative girls pulling their hair out ever since 'Formation.' They've gone as far as a pathetic attempt at boycotting her. In keeping tabs on her moves, the latest thing that she's done that has ground the gears of Fox News conservatives was a video on climate change. 

With all the natural disasters and devastation happening as a possible result of climate change, why would a call to action make anyone angry?

Well first, let's assume that unlike their president, Trump supporters actually acknowledge that climate change exists. If that's the case, why is Beyoncé speaking out on it a problem? However, the issues really arose when Bey teamed up with Oprah for a "Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Relief" telethon that aired on September 12.  

Now, I'd expect Fox correspondents to be nothing less of angry. They've been playing that role now for years. However, I think it's important to point out how much anger that a black woman like Beyoncé brings out of them. 

Many celebrities have been speaking out on climate change for years. Meryl Streep, U2, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, and John Travolta to name a few. While there are some super Sayan conservatives who have criticized them, none of those people get half as much slack for speaking out on such issues as Bey.

A number of think pieces and angry segments on her call to action have been ridiculous. Now, what would have happened if she hadn't have said anything? What if she chose to not speak up and ask for assistance in aiding her hometown of Houston? What if she would not have addressed climate change? I'm sure people would have still found something negative to talk criticize her on.

Black women have the right to speak up about issues affecting our communities and the world around us without being immediately discredited. Before you get mad that Bey spoke up, ask yourself why a black woman speaking up infuriates you so much. 

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