Rapper Big Sean was recently highlighted in a segment on CNN for his work in his hometown of Detroit and his investment in the city’s youth. The rapper, whose real name is Sean Anderson, started the Sean Anderson Foundation in 2012

“It’s just so easy to get caught up in the wrong things when you’re young. Having somebody that you could look up to, whether it’s a family member, whether it’s a mentor, whether it’s your favorite rapper, you know, whatever it is, I see the importance of showing people their inner potential,” said Big Sean.

Additionally, he donated a state-of-the-art recording studio to his former school, Cass Technical High School. “What’s funny is I used to get in trouble for selling my CDs in the hallway. And you can just imagine what it feels like to be back, opening up a recording studio,” he said.

The Sean Anderson Foundation also recently started a fundraiser, #HealFlintKids, to support the children of Flint exposed to the city’s toxic water.

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