Bill Cosby's legal defense team previously accused prosecutors of withholding evidence from his Philadelphia criminal sexual assault case, but have since admitted that that prosecutors did nothing wrong, WMUR reports. 

About a month ago, Cosby's lawyers accused the prosecution team of hiding evidence. A key witness for the prosecution, Andrea Constand, allegedly told Marguerite Jackson that she planned to accuse the comedian of sexual assault for money. This fact came to light during the prosecution's exploratory interviews, but the defense claimed that it was not told.

Jackson claimed Constand planned to “say it happened and file charges, file a civil suit, get the money, go to school and open up a business,” according to a statement read by Jackson's spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt. 

Judge Steven O’Neill eventually blocked Jackson from taking a stand during the first trial, deeming her accounts hearsay once Constand testified that she was unfamiliar with Jackson.

This week it came to light that prosecutors told a member of the defense team all about Jackson's statement; however, that lawyer left the defense team without informing the attorneys that currently make up Cosby's defense about it.

Prosecutors filed a rebuttal of the defense's accusations with the phrase, “Facts matter,” about the same time Cosby's lawyers admitted their mistake. The prosecution also deemed the accusation “outrageous and reckless.”

“The facts and the truth were easily ascertainable,” said prosecutors said, claiming that Cosby's legal team “just did not care to find them.”

Cosby recently performed for the first time in three years in Philly. His first sexual assault trial in June 2017 resulted in a hung jury, but a retrial is scheduled to commence in April.