Angela White, also known as Blac Chyna, is celebrating one year of sobriety.

As Blavity reported, the D.C. native has been making a host of changes while on her healing journey. On Sept. 14, the reality TV star recorded a segment for the Tamron Hall, which was significant because it marked her one-year sobriety anniversary. In the show’s preview clip, she opened up about the milestone.

“One year today,” she told Hall. “Not even a little shot, a little wine, a little this…nothing. Like nothing, it’s like, “No, I’m good,” Nah, I’m straight,’ ‘I’ll take a Red Bull.'”


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She also shared that her children motivated her to get and stay sober.

“What helped me was bringing myself down to reality What helped me was bringing myself down to reality and then realizing like okay…am I hurting or helping the people around me? And helping not like with money or things like that,” she said. “didn’t want to continue to hurt the people around me or even have my kids grow up doing this stuff. Even though we think kids don’t see, they know everything.”

To help celebrate this monumental moment, Tamron surprised White with a congratulatory cake, along with flowers. She also surprised the mother of two with a special guest, her mother Tokyo Toni, who came out with a big batch of balloons to honor her milestone. The gesture brought the former video vixen to tears as she and her mom embraced each other with a hug. When asked why she was crying, she responded, “I never thought that I would get to this point.”

The two recently rekindled their relationship, which has been a rocky one for years. The 51-year-old expressed how proud of her daughter she was and gloated about their newfound relationship.

“Seeing her sober, no makeup, fillers gone, this is who I birthed, Angela. This is who I birthed,” Tokyo Toni said during the segment. “And for everybody in the world to know, she has the biggest heart in the world. She has a very big heart. It’s so big that sometimes she forgot about herself, taking care of everybody else.”

She continued, “She’s a very beautiful person. What you see is what you get, and it’s just as simple as. I could’ve never imagined us like this after that mess because it was lies, it was a mess. This here, this is the truth.”