Since Drake name-dropped her on 2010’s “Miss Me” (“Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’d be worth the flight”), people have been curious to know more about Angela Renée White – formerly known as Blac Chyna. The mother of two eventually befriended the Kardashian clan and landed a reality series of her own where audiences learned plenty about White and her unconventional family.

Besides the kids she’s welcomed with rapper Tyga and ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian, we’ve also gotten to know her mother, who hasn’t always shown up as the maternal figure her daughter craved. As we explore the ups and downs of her personal life, we’ll learn more about Blac Chyna’s ethnicity, the father who wasn’t around for much of her childhood, and where she stands with Tokyo Toni now.

What Is Tokyo Toni’s Ethnicity?

Tokyo Toni (born Shalana Jones-Hunter) isn’t a celebrity in the same right as her daughter, but she is a social media personality who frequents blogs like The Shade Room and The Neighborhood Talk with her antics. The 52-year-old hails from the Dominican Republic but moved to America with her family where she became pregnant as a teenager. Toni met her only child’s dad, Eric Holland, at a Macy’s department store and it didn’t take long for them to get intimate. She claims the sex wasn’t great, but it was enough for them to conceive White. Unfortunately, a then-16-year-old Toni didn’t know about Holland’s wife and family.

While chatting with RealLyfe Productions, the reality share alleged that she used to sell drugs while paying her mother to look after her little girl. “At the time, I can’t tell no lie, I was selling a little cocoa leaf and things like that. So I ain’t had no issues with money ever, to this day,” Toni, who spent time working as an exotic dancer, told the outlet. She doesn’t perform in strip clubs anymore, but the mother of one still keeps busy creating content for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

In recent years, White has undergone a spiritual personal transformation, leading her to reduce her implants and dissolve filler injections in her face and body. Toni wasn’t always supportive, but these days, their relationship is better than ever. Before they were able to come to an understanding, Chyna’s mom once called her a “statutory rape baby” and “mistake,” also claiming that she wasn’t allowed to see her young grandchildren for two years.

Who Is Black Chyna’s Dad, Eric Holland?

Now that we know about her Dominican heritage, what does Blac Chyna’s ethnicity look like when we factor in her father’s genes? Not much is known about Holland’s life in the present, as he prefers to live privately, though Daily Mail did uncover his lengthy criminal past. According to the outlet, “[Eric] has a string of children with a variety of other women, and Chyna is believed to have two half-brothers and nine half-sisters, who are mostly based in the Maryland and Virginia areas.”

Holland was married with kids when he impregnated a teenage Hunter, but by the time her daughter was eight, the young woman made it her mission to “hunt him down” and answer Chyna’s questions. The Maryland native is of African-American descent, and upon connecting with his child and her mother, they found out about his troubled past. He “has been busted for assault, battery, theft and break-ins among other crimes,” Daily Mail notes. “Other charges against him include breaking in with intent to commit a felony, unlawful use of a livestock motor vehicle and being a fugitive from justice,” they add, along with mention of his child support battles in other court sessions.

What Is Blac Chyna’s Ethnicity?

Blac Chyna Ethnicity pictured: Blac Chyna
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Answers Africa describes Blac Chyna’s ethnicity as “African-American with Latina ancestry,” though her nationality is American as she was born in Washington, DC. The makeup artist’s two children have even more diverse ethnic backgrounds; her firstborn, King Cairo is also Vietnamese and Jamaican from his famous father’s family. As for her daughter, Dream, her paternal lineage comes from Armenia, Scotland and the Netherlands.