The quarantined masses received a pleasant surprise when Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé gave us the “Savage” remix last Wednesday. But a conservative wannabe politician — who appeared to be one of the few not yelling "I got this s**t from Tina," as they shelter in place — got stung by the Beyhive when he made a loud and wrong comment about the queen's philanthropy.

Errol Webber came out the side of his neck when he accused Beyoncé of not doing enough for the Black community.

“Beyoncé makes songs about being rich & savage, flaunting her wealth – but what has she done with her money to help the black community?” Webber tweeted on the day of the song's release. “What has she done for the people who gave her success? Typical Democrat. Once they get to office, they forget the people who got them there.”

The Beyhive was not pleased and checked Webber swiftly. They brought up countless examples of Yoncé's service to the community.

One pretty much gave a new definition of receipts.

Another pointed out that time she and Jay-Z anonymously bailed out protestors from the Ferguson riots.

Then there was the $6 million Bey recently donated to mental health initiatives in Black communities amid the pandemic. There was also that $100K she gave to HBCUs following her iconic Coachella performance

Then there was that time in which the earnings from another hit song she hopped on also went to charity.

Lastly, the jumping point for Webber's accusations, the "Savage" remix itself is also another instance of Bey's philanthropy as well as Megan's. Proceeds from the hit will be donated to Bread For Life, a Houston-based nonprofit organization on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis, as Blavity previously reported.

They’re never gonna love you Errol—no matter how opporcoonistic you get. 

I’d suggest doing a little bit of research about Beyoncé’s philanthropy. She & Meg are literally donating the proceeds to #COVID19 relief efforts in Houston, but don’t let that stop you from buck dancing.

— Neale (@AbeFroman) April 29, 2020

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