Imitation is no longer the greatest form of flattery, especially without proper acknowledgment. For Black designers, a lack of credit has unfortunately become a reality.

Luxury designer Travis Di’meer recently called out Kylie Jenner for being a copycat.

Di’meer gained notoriety for his brand IEMBE after using his beautiful mother as his cover girl.

His most recent campaign video premiered on Aug. 19. In the video, Di’meer’s mother is standing in front of a simple white background and wearing black feather-trimmed boots, a black cropped hoodie and short jean shorts with the IMEBE logo. And abs!

The horns from Beyonce’s Homecoming play in the background.

Tweet Courtesy of @TravisDimeer

Di’meer captioned the tweet, “She’s in a league of her own.”

Followers went crazy for his mother’s dance moves, and also because Di’meer alluded to the release of new items. Fast forward almost a month later, and the culture vultures have begun to swarm.

On Sep. 13, Jenner posted a video on her Kylie Cosmetics Twitter account that looked very familiar. In the video, Jenner is announcing the Kris Collection installment of the million-dollar brand.

The video takes a similar form, with Kylie speaking to her mother, Kris, in silhouette-style shots. Once the frame shifts, the focus is left on Kris in front of an opaque white background — similar to the scene used in Di’meer’s video campaign.

The head of the Kardashian clan also wears an all-black ensemble: a black gown with a dramatic feather-trimmed hat, similar to one sported by Di’meer’s mother in a previous campaign.

Kris Jenner seemingly hits some solo moves by herself before dancing with her daughter to the sound of “Goosebumps” by Travis Scott, Kylie’s boyfriend and the father of her two children.