Another Black History Month has come and gone lightning fast, but we can reflect on some of the best moments the month has yielded. While we celebrate black history 365 days of the year, it's awesome to acknowledge the blackest moments that occurred during our sacred month. We've compiled some of our best and blackest moments of BHM 2018 as a friendly reminder that this month was lit!

1. 'Black Panther' and its successPhoto: Giphy

'Black Panther' is a gift that keeps on giving. In addition to crossing the $700M threshold, the movie sparked discussions, produced killer outfits and gave children of the diaspora a new sense of pride in our roots.

2. #HeyAuntie 

Photo: Giphy

'Black Panther' also yielded some amazing quotes. Killmonger's "Hey Auntie" is easily one of the blackest moments cinema has yielded in awhile. 

3. Vermont students flying a Black Lives Matter flag outside of their high school 

Waving a BLM flag at a Vermont high school of all places? Way to make history.

4. Quincy Jones speaking his truth and spilling the tea

Photo: Giphy

The 85-year-old did not bite his tongue when it came to spilling alleged tea on some of the culture's faves. Although he later apologized for going in the way he did, he never said any of it was untrue.

5. Mo'Nique going full blown black auntie on Lenard

Mo'Nique has also been speaking her truth in a series of interviews. Nothing topped her recent stop at The Breakfast Club and hitting Charlamagne Tha God with his government name of Lenard and giving us a gift of a gif.

6. The unveiling of the Obama portraits 

The Obama portraits were black excellence personified.

7. ABFF Honors 

Black film and television has been killing it, and it's always great to see our faves get the recognition they deserve.

8. The Golden State Warriors choice to take kids to the National Museum of African American History and Culture rather than visit the White House.

Photo: Giphy

The Warriors decided not to waste their time in D.C. by spending a minute with Trump. They instead took kids to the African American History museum.

9. Solange winning Harvard Foundation's 2018 Artist of the Year

Photo: Giphy

A well-deserved honor for the woman who gave us one of the blackest albums ever.

10. Amanda Seales' #BlackGirlMagic Poem

If you missed it, make sure you check it out as Amanda gives every black girl a boost of confidence using her way with words.

11. Symone Sanders refusing to spend her BHM talking about Omarosa

Us too sis! We get it.

What were some of your favorite BHM moments this year? Let us know in the comments below.