Lately, many are using the art of social media curation to evoke emotion. With a simple hashtag, the world is tuning in to certain communities, engaging beyond borders. The following men are following suit.

Photo: Vivian Dang

Dressed to the nines, a group of collegiate men have been creating conversation with the hashtag: #BlackMenofYaleUniversity. Their pictures were taken by Vivian Dang, and each one captures the essence of the men involved. Doesn't hurt that each of them are certified eye candy, either.

Tunde posted the pictures under his Twitter account late Sunday night and since then, the hashtag has gone viral with over 12,000 retweets. 

The attention they've garnered has been on every side of the spectrum.

From the encouraging …

To the lusty …

To those in pure soladarity of the movement these young men hope to spark. 

Tunde has appreciative the support, but emphasizes that it's about more than a hashtag. It's about representation. 

"The purpose of #BlackMenofYaleUniversity was to showcase just a portion of the black men on our campus to have some positive image reinforcement for young aspiring men," he said in a statement to Blavity. "So often, the stereotypes surrounding black men don't include black men on college campuses, so we just wanted to provide an image of what OUR Ivy League experience looks like. This was just the first shoot of many, and we hope to expand the movement to change the way people around the world perceive universities like Yale."

We're excited to see what these young men have cooking, and are anxiously awaiting the next shoot to hit our timelines.