Although we're just a few months into the year, it's safe to say that Get Out is holding down the number one spot already. From the various thought pieces to the spoofs, the Internet and the world couldn't get enough of Chris and the terrible situation he got himself into.

Luckily for us, this is just the beginning of Daniel Kaluuya big screen reign. Kaluuya along with many of our favorites will be in the 2018 release of Marvel's Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler. 

During some down time this weekend, the cast teamed up to show Kaluuya (Chris) when he first should've gotten out in the movie. Kaluuya quickly comes to his sense and walks off to the smooth sounds of Childish Gambino's "Red Bone". As a black person, it is an unspoken rule that when you see a person running towards you, you should run too! I'm glad he finally got it right this time. Besides all the behind-the-scenes fun, the cast wanted to celebrate Kaluuya and Get Out's six MTV Movie Award nominations including Movie of the Year, Daniel Kaluuya for Best Actor and Next Generation and Best Fight Against the System. Congratulations!

Check out the clip below.