Black Panther magic is a real thing, and it doesn't seem to be dying out any time soon. Much like the malicious trolls who tried to steal black joy, right before the film's release, people are still trying it. 

A woman in Sparta, New Jersey, caused a commotion at a Black Panther showing by yelling at audience members and hurling a racial slur, reports. Her behavior was so disruptive, the theater pumped the brakes on the screening.  

Photo: GIPHY

Sparta Police Lt. John Lamon said the woman was "extremely intoxicated." 

"She was making loud comments at the screen that upset other patrons," Lamon said, also noting she used the  "n-word."

When police arrived on the scene, one audience member was willing to ID the woman as the perpetrator of the disruptions; however, because that person refused to sign an official complaint, no charges could be filed.

By way of apology, the theater gave audience members vouchers so they could return for another viewing, and the woman  causing the disturbance was restricted from the theater.

"We gave [the theater] advice to send her a certified letter not to trespass and to give us a copy," Lamon said. This would allow police to take action should the woman return.