“Over 450 black people have died in horror movies but in the real world we’re still counting.” Those are such powerful words from Anthony Ragler and Omar Holmon, members of Urbana Poetry Slam Team. Anthony and Omar presented An Open Letter to Black People in Horror Movies at the 2014 National Poetry Slam Finals.

From their facial expressions to their lively voices, one cannot help but to be captivated by their words. As humorous as they made the poem, they didn’t neglect to shine light upon the daily horror of black men in America- thinking of survival on a daily basis.

It’s so dope how these two poets were able to paint a vivid picture and tell the identical stories of black men in America in two minutes and 50 seconds.

With compelling words like “Don’t go check on the white guy, he’ll be fine. His privilege will protect him”, how can anyone not feel anything. Even the audience could not contain themselves. They encouraged Anthony and Omar with endless yells and claps.

I would definitely encourage people to check out this meaningful poem, share it, and check out more of their work!