The 2015 Black Radical Imagination film series continues its current tour with two screenings this week on Weds, and this coming Sunday, in New York City, showcasing the New York premieres of experimental films by noted filmmakers such as Terence Nance, Cauleen Smith and Lauren Kelley.
Programmed by Chicago-based filmmaker Amir George and L.A. based curator Erin Christovale, the goal of Black Radical imagination, according to both George and Christovale, is "to invoke a futurist aesthetic of the black image on screen. The visual pieces delve into the worlds of video art, film animation, narrative storytelling, and new media. Each artist contributes their own vision of a free changing world in a postmodern society."
They go further to say that “focusing on new stories within the diaspora, each artist contributes their own vision about post-modern society through the state of current black culture. An artistic movement and school of thought, Black Radical Imagination focuses on the aesthetics of futurism, surrealism, and the magnificent through the context of cinema."
The first NYC screening will be this Wednesday Aug. 19th starting at 7PM, at MoCada’s Soul of Brooklyn Festival, located at 739 Franklin Ave. It will include "Swimming in Your Skin Again" (Terence Nance), "FrouFrou Conclusions" (Lauren Kelley), "Crow’s Requiem" (Cauleen Smith), "An Ecstatic Experience" (Ja’Tovia Gary) and "Burlap Interior" (Lauren Kelleyin).
Both filmmakers Ja’Tovia Gary and Nelson Nance are scheduled to be there in person for a Q and A after the screening. For more info go HERE.
Then on Sunday Aug. 23 there will be a special AfroPunk Festival Black Radical Imagination screening at Splitty, located at 415 Myrtle Ave. 
Among the films to be screened are "No Homo" (Ja’Tovia Gary), "I Want to See My Skirt" (Cauleen Smith), "Diary of Reflectiion" (Penda Diakite) and "Savage vs. The Void" (Darren Wallace of Kinfolk Collective), with  Cakes Da Killa, who appears in No Homo,, and Darren Wallace in person.

For more info on this event go HERE.

Black Radical Imagination 2015 Trailer from Black Radical Imagination on Vimeo.