A reporter and an anchor in Columbus, South Carolina, went viral for hilariously exchanging glances during a live report, prompting user reactions about Black people communicating without words.

In the video, WIS 10 reporter Jalen Tart was about to try a Polish sausage from a vendor at the South Carolina State Fair.

“I’m going to take a bite of this Polish dog and see what this is all about. Let me get a bite of this,” Tart said to start the 41-second clip.

After biting into the sausage, Tart chewed aggressively before nodding and saying “pretty good” several times to the vendor as he thanked him for participating in the live report.

As Tart tossed it back to the studio (“Back to everyone, back to you,” he said), he was still chewing, and his facial expressions before the camera cut to anchor Judi Gatson were priceless. Her grinning at his reactions was an unspoken language between Black people without having to say anything.

The clip has since made its rounds on X, formerly known as Twitter, and users did not hesitate to share their thoughts and reactions to the pair’s on-air exchange.

“Oh that sausage dog was trash lol….he wanted that camera out his face 😆” @AustinMD2011 shared in the video’s caption.

“The way we all understood what was going on in that moment 😆” he continued in the comment section.

“They played on his head back at the station 😭😭😭,” @tenderoniTONY wrote.

“This look right here… Yeah… she knew he was having a bad time! Lol. Hahahahaha,” @AONCruzy wrote with a screenshot of Gatson.

Here are additional reactions from Black Twitter users in the thread: