Instead of being able to focus on their studies, black students have found themselves the targets of racism once again, unfortunately.

A group of students at Cupertino, California's Monta Vista High School reportedly created a “kill list” targeting black students, Mercury News reports.

According to parents, the alleged “kill list” included intentions to “shoot and kill all black students at the high school," and referred to the school's black students using a racial slur.

A parent of one of the targeted black students has since filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Fremont Union High School District. The lawsuit alleges that the district did not take proper disciplinary action against the non-black students who created the inflammatory list.

In the lawsuit, the parent claims that administrators did not disclose the list to black students or law enforcement, and that the district failed to prevent discrimination and enforce anti-bullying policies.

A representative from Fremont Union High School District confirmed that they have not yet been served with such lawsuit, while the Santa Clara County sheriff’s office has not yet released an official comment on the matter.

“This is a human rights issue,” community activist Walter Wilson said. “This is being ignored because it’s happening to African Americans, a small minority group in Cupertino. Ignoring it teaches children that it’s acceptable and leads to behavior exculpating into full blown violence.”

Absolutely. We hope that this incident is thoroughly investigated, polices are enforced and that valid punishments are distributed so that these black students rightfully feel safe in their own schools.