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Black students are being tricked into thinking they registered to vote at this GA university

While Republicans have been claiming voter fraud is a problem in states like North Carolina, there seems to be an operation to thwart the black vote at this Georgia university. According to a report by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Kennesaw State University's dean of students sent a memo to students Tuesday warning them of what was going on, saying that there were "unauthorized individuals are walking around with clipboards claiming they are registering students to vote” in recent weeks" and they “are targeting particular student populations.” A source told AJC that word has is on campus that these people are targeting black students so that they think they will be able to vote in November, and they actually can't. However, a university spokesperson said she could not confirm that black students or other minority students are being targeted specifically. As important as this upcoming election is, and keeping in mind the barriers that are being placed in front of us to exercise our right to vote, if you are choosing to participate in this election cycle, please stay woke.

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Trey Mangum is the lead editor of ShadowAndAct.com. Follow him on Twitter @treymangum.