February is finally here, y'all! For many, January 2018 seemed longer than a checkout line at Walmart — but we pressed onward and upward toward a new tomorrow. 

Everyone knows that January is "the Monday of months" and February is when the new year really starts. Fortunately, February is also Black History Month! Yes, it may take place during the shortest and coldest month of the year, but just like everything else in life, we'll make the most of it because that's what we do best.

With that being said, it only made sense for Black Twitter to gift us with a trending topic we can all relate to. The devil is constantly working,  but sometimes all you need is a good negro spiritual or three to get you through life's most pivotal moments. 

You've been out here GRINDIN! But for whatever reason, people love to forget who you are and what you're capable of. Don't hesitate to remind them of your greatness and read off that resume real quick. Stunt 101!

For my ladies, know your worth then add tax. Don't forget shipping and handling. Never settle until you get what you deserve.

Fellas..we see you. Y'all out here racking up these degrees, holding down multiple jobs, providing for your family all while your beard and hairline is flourishing beyond belief. Keep shining, black kings!

Black love is beautiful, but it's not always the easiest. You have exes, haters, naysayers all in your face. Ignore them and enjoy your bae while you can.

When in doubt, always have faith in yourself!

The moral of the story is millennial negro spirituals is not just a trending topic but a lifestyle.

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