Apple finally provided racially diverse emojis in their most recent update for the iOS system.  This updated provides much joy for those who are looking to send their BFF’s a black power fist, a black girl sassy hair flip emoji, or a lightskin thumbs up.  However, the emojis could be problematic when white teens are using the black emoji in their Instagram captions: “fried chicken with my woes *insert random black emoji*.”  It’s also still unclear if Apple is trolling us with the blonde hair black guy emoji (unless they’re secretly promoting Sisqo’s new album).

Racially diverse emojis very well could be in the same recycling bin that has Starbucks #RaceTogether cups in it, but only time will tell.  Before we share the best reactions from Twitter and while the Stay Woke Twitter jury deliberates, here are 3 updates I’d trade racially diverse emojis for…

1. To be able to enlarge Instagram profile pictures

2. Remove the new manual RT twitter update…. Because manual RTs were an art form and this new feature is basura.

3. Siri to have the voice of Claire Huxtable or Dark Skin Aunt Viv

And with out further ado, here are the best reactions from Twitter:

So there you have it folks. Your daily dose of Black Twitter.

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