On Tuesday, Alabama voters delivered a remarkable upset for the Republican Party, electing Democrat Doug Jones as the state's next senator. The landmark senatorial election flipped the decidedly red state blue for the first time in 25 years for a state senatorial election, delivering a dramatic defeat for ultra conservative Republican candidate Roy Moore.

Republican candidate Roy Moore, a self proclaimed birther, was the surprising winner of the Republican primary against opponent Luther Strange, despite his disturbing history of unapologetic racist, misogynistic and homophobic politics. The most significant blow to the campaign of the twice-removed former state judge came amid resurfaced allegations of sexual misconduct with underage girls. Despite all this, white voters in the state still voted overwhelmingly in favor of Moore, leaving it to black voters to clinch the victory for Jones.

Despite rampant voter suppression and attempts to keep black and Latino voters away from the ballot box, the fam came through in the clutch.

Preliminary election results released by The Washington Post revealed that black voters showed nearly unanimous support for Jones with a whopping 97 percent of black women showing up for the democratic candidate.

Jones won 30 percent of the overall white vote which, while not overwhelming, is a significant increase for a democratic Senate candidate in Alabama. Still, the nearly 65 percent of white women who voted for Moore, left many perplexed and some ashamed.

I mean, where's the logic?

While Jones made notable gains among educated white women, millennials and those with college degrees, the victory was undoubtedly owed to black Alabamians.

And one more time for the people in the back.

Don't take this victory for granted. With our political power repeatedly and consistently validated, candidate accountability is key.

Roy Moore, who has yet to concede the election to Doug Jones, has requested a recount despite the fact that the states tally has him down by one and a half percentage points – a margin too great to warrant such a measure. 

Meanwhile, senator-elect Doug Jones delivered his acceptance speech thanking African Americans for their part in his landmark victory.