As we close in on the March 1st Super Tuesday Primary, Hillary Clinton just eked out a major victory over Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Caucus, strengthening her argument that she has the support to carry a general election in November

What was initially supposed to be a smooth victory for Secretary Clinton in Nevada in the months leading up to the Caucus quickly turned into a nail-biter as Bernie Sanders surged in the polls during the past several days. But in the end, it appears that it was the African-American vote that made all the difference. Although the white and Hispanic vote went to Senator Sanders, the African-American vote broke so heavily in Clinton's favor it essentially erased Bernie's lead among other demographics

According to MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki, early entrance polls indicated 77 percent of black voters showed up for Hillary Clinton, compared to only 22 percent for Senator Bernie Sanders, a significant three to one difference. There are areas of uncertainty when looking at entrance polls, especially when combined with the fact that voter turnout was the lowest we've seen in almost 12 years. Still, it gives us a useful snapshot into how voters are evolving as the race unfolds

This is an interesting statistic because it shows that despite Sander's major push to earn the black vote, which includes a Black Barbershop and HBCU Tour, black voters still haven't completely warmed up to his message and are still standing strong for Hillary Clinton. This is a particularly worrying stat for the Sanders camp as the election cycle heads south to South Carolina, because if Hillary's support among black voters holds up like it did in Nevada, this primary contest can potentially turn ugly real quick

For now, Senator Sanders is still the preferred candidate among the younger voters across the board. However, if black millennial voters want to see Sanders win the Democratic Primary over Secretary Clinton, they might have to lock their parents in the broom closet on Super Tuesday and beyond, because it appears that many older black Americans are still with her. Maybe it's time for us to sit our parents down and have "The Talk"

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