The Black woman-owned tea brand Pennie’s Tea is making waves in the beverage industry with its latest products, now found in over 700 grocery stores nationwide.

Black-owned tea brand

CEO Pennie Crockett’s new line, “What Tea Is for Me,” is part of the “Heal & Empower” collection, which offers various flavors for those experiencing different ailments or conditions, Black Business reported.

According to the company’s website, customers can choose from various flavors that aim to help with issues like acid reflux, anxiety, common colds and bloating. Customers can also select from teas ranging from no caffeine to high caffeine.

Crockett, a Chicago native and former health science professor, launched her tea brand to revitalize the health and wellness field. She witnessed several family members experiencing illnesses and decided to create Pennie’s Tea to offer flavorful loose-leaf teas and cold brew iced tea.


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“We craft each blend with purpose and passion, combining exquisite flavors with unparalleled quality,” Crockett said, according to Black Business.

In addition to her entrepreneurial success, Crockett is also a survivor of domestic violence, and she uses Pennie’s Tea to shed light on the growing number of women who are affected by it.

“As a survivor of domestic violence, it has become Pennie’s mission to increase awareness of the aftermath, both mentally and physically, of domestic violence and how to live with the trauma,” a statement on the company’s website reads. “Utilizing the power of specially-blended tea recipes, Pennie combines the healing potential of her brews with the message that health and wellness can help you heal.”

Crockett also donates a portion of her sales to the Crisis Center for Women in Domestic Violence, which provides resources for women survivors.

“Every sip is a step toward healing and empowerment. We’re not just in the tea business; we’re in the business of transforming lives,” Crockett said, per Black Business.