A Black woman who suffered devastation after a racist group destroyed her car, has now replaced the vehicle with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department. In a video posted to Twitter, the LAPD showed the woman struggling to contain her emotions as she received her brand new vehicle, which was presented with a pink bow in front of several officers at the police station.

According to CBSLA, police said gang members destroyed the old car in a hate crime incident. One suspect has been arrested for the crime, but police haven't confirmed the name of the person, the date of the incident or the charges to come. 

“They jumped on the hood, they jumped on the roof, they carved into the paint racial names, and ultimately destroyed the car, it was a total loss,” LAPD Captain Rick Stabile said in the Twitter video.

The LAPD said the gift was possible with partnership from East LA Auto Sales, the L.A. Police Protective League, the union for LAPD officers and the nonprofit group Badge of Heart. 

Social media users struggled to find the words to describe the generous act.

The word "amazing" came up often.

In a time of escalating tension between law enforcement and the Black community, people were happy to see a positive encounter.

As Blavity previously reported, a study from the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations concluded white supremacist crimes increased by 38% in the region last year, marking the highest number of violent hate crimes reported in the county in more than a decade.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza, who lives in Los Angeles, revealed last month that she was identified as a potential target of white supremacist groups. The 39-year-old said the FBI identified an Idaho man who plotted to attack her.

“The FBI visited my house today. They arrested a man in Idaho on weapons charges who they believe was affiliated with white supremacist groups,” the activist tweeted. “They found my name on a list in his home, alongside others.”

Garza blamed President Donald Trump's history of racist rhetoric for the ongoing incidents of hate crimes around the country.

"This is why this President is so dangerous," she said. "He is stoking fires he has no intention of controlling. I’m ok y’all, but this s**t is not OK. Vote this muthaf***a out. For real."

According to The Washington Post, hate crimes increased by about 2.7% nationally last year. In the same year, the FBI reported 51 hate-motivated killings in the country, the highest total since the agency started recording the data in 1992.