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Black Women Aren't Crazy, Black Men Need To Change The Narrative

Black men, we need to get it together

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"Black Women Are Crazy".

This micro statement, with macro implications, has been uttered by too many black men over the years. To understand and love a black woman is to know and understand yourself as a black man. Understanding the black woman's, struggle in conjunction with the hypersexualization of black men, character assassination of black women in media, and privilege of white women, have further perpetuated the fallacy of the "Angry Black Woman".

A functional understanding of Black women is something that people take no time to acquire. Century after century black women have had no other choice than to be the matriarch of the family. During slavery when the husband would receive lashes from master, who was there to heal his wounds? When the oldest son was hung for stealing food, who was there to secure the emotional stability of the family? I think black men don't take the time to recognize this. To date, black women literally stand on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement while we demonize them and glorify the Kim Kardashians of the world.

There once was a time where women would go to college for their M.R.S degree. Women, particularly white women, would use college as a way to find a husband. I say particularly white women because during these times women of color were not allowed to pursue higher education. These women were guided to find a man who can support them financially. Dating a black man would be out of the question, however dating a black athlete secured financial stability to which was an exception to the rule. Not to mention that black men more than any other gender-race combination were ver sexualized on a daily basis. To the point where there is a complete pornographic subcategory for it.

Lastly, the character assassination of Black women in mainstream media has got to stop. Up until a month ago, we never knew black women worked at NASA in the 1950s. However, we do know exactly when Love & Hip, Bad Girls Club, and Hollywood Hoodwives of North Central LA comes on. To be black in this world is to love and accept all African Americans. So we ride for Cardi B the way republicans ride for Alternative Facts. That's great! I'm here for it. I'm also here for shows like Blackish, Atlanta, Insecure and Broke. These shows depict women as doctors, writers, and attorneys.

Thus! Black women are not crazy. Black men, we need to get it together. I charge you to understand, appreciate, PROTECT and love black women.

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