This newly-released video from a crew of black women MCs in Chicago is so refreshing. In the era of #BlackGirlMagic, here we have Freddie Old Soul, J Bambii, Brittney, EssieL, Syd Shaw and Bella Bahhs offering us a glimpse into hip-hop’s best self. Instead of the overwrought, unlikely crime lore that has been the common fodder of the genre for the past few decades, these women are offering us honest depictions of their every day without sacrificing lyrical dexterity or aggressive delivery. Early in the shot we see the rapper Freddie Old Soul articulate an unapologetic personal declaration of “I’m am not boughie/I get my clothes from Unique, meditate and drink fruit smoothies.” These women are unbothered by any of society’s perceptions of how women are supposed to approach the mic in hip-hop.

Bella Bahhs ends the video with what might be the standout verse. When she kicks off with, “hey black men we love you we understand your struggle/do you understand your privilege and oppression of black women?” it becomes clear there’s more at stake than simply dope verses. If there’s to be a hip-hop soundtrack to the moment of #BlackLivesMatter then that soundtrack will, like the political movement, be designed and led by black women. Pay attention to these sisters.

Check out the geniuses behind the video below:

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