Black women have a way of showing up and showing out, and that hasn't changed even during a global pandemic. After spending weeks in quarantine and not having a reason to get dressed up and pop a splash of color on her lips, a Brooklyn-based journalist came up with a solution.

Brianna Arps told XoNecole that after experiencing bouts of anxiety from being cooped up in the house since the outbreak of the coronavirus, she scrolled through her camera roll reflecting on memories of basking in the sun.

"With everything going on, it's been weeks since I've gotten all dolled up," she said.

She stumbled across a selfie during her first international trip to Bali and was amazed by her own sass and confidence. Impressed by her decision to rock a bold red lip, she thought to create a thread on Twitter, encouraging other Black women to reach in their bags and pull out their favorite red lipstick.

"The lead picture for the thread is one of my favorites from that vacation. I feel super sexy and sassy, mostly because of the bright red lipstick—a power color that brings some reassurance and boosts my confidence," Arps said.

She said although she felt the idea was minuscule, she hoped to make an impact on women battling anxiety.

"I hoped that asking folks to share a photo of themselves would offer some temporary relief for anyone who needs it right now. Plus, red's a color many are still afraid of…I wanted Black Women to see themselves and feel empowered to give it a go!" she added.

Black women replied to her thread showing off their favorite red lipsticks from Mac's Ruby Woo to The Lip Bar's Hot Mama.

It's clear Black women aren't going to let the 'rona stop them from being their best selves and hyping each other up.