Social media is swelling with stories about black hair salon experiences.  Black women across the world have been scorned by their hair stylists, whether getting a blow-out, braids or a fresh perm. Beware, these tweets might induce flashbacks #BlackSalonProblems

Raise your hand if you've ever been victimized by your hair stylist.

We all know that sometimes they don't put the necessary respeck on our heads.

Or, our clothes.

Got us out here praying that the heat damage demons won't get to our curl pattern.

And that we'll be able to wear a hat all week without anybody knowing.

Sometimes they even have us ready to throw hands.

Have you wondering if she's trying to kill you on the low.

Got you like "HOW SWAY?! HOW?!"

And hoping that your edges will survive

The tragedy of having to tag along as a child should've been enough to warn us.

How many hours of our lives have been wasted due to these shenanigans?

Forget hours, let's talk about YEARS.

We all know that going under the dryer is close to being in a circle of hell.

Never forget rule #1 in The Black Girls' Guide to Getting Your Hair Did--never go to the salon without your bonnet.

And the rule from the new edition for millennials-- never go to the salon without your charger.

That subtle head turn will save you from embarrassment every time.

But at the end of the day, we can't live without them. Thoughts? Comments. Let us know below.

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