Where the men humble each other, the women make sure they know how fierce and extraordinary they are. You can’t outdo black people, and you definitely can’t outdo black women when it comes to recognizing greatness.

1. It all starts with the necessary “Girll!!”

2. But most of the time we just jump straight into the conversation

3. And we stay looking out for each other

4. Patience is a virtue that is tested daily

5. That nonverbal communication, though

6. It should be acknowledged that our nonverbal skills are A1

7. “No I can talk, one sec…Lil’ girl, take your feet off my couch!”

8. And when those compliments start rolling in, though

9. We came to slay!

10. And don’t try to deny the fly

11. We stay blessing each other

12. Go best frann! That’s my best frann!

13. Even President Obama knows how we show love

But did he add the operative adlib?

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

14. That “Girl” is the key to any conversation

15. And we always practice discretion

16. Except when it comes to those compliments! Let the world know, sis.

17. But when it’s all said and done

18. Again, that “Girl” is all you need

19. Because we’re telepathic like that

20. And don’t just listen with our ears

21. Can’t forget the operative question that begets any good tea

22. This is us in a nutshell

How many “girls” can we add to a conversation before it’s too much? The limit does not exist.

Photo: gifsoup
Photo: gifsoup

Oh yes the feel is right!

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