Dancing has always been integral within the Black community and has served as a way of expression for generations. Yet today’s digital age has made entryway into learning community dances easy without providing the history behind the moves.

On any ordinary day of scrolling down social media feeds, one can find a cavalcade of pirates trouncing around the digital sphere masquerading as “influencers” with Black cultural dances in close proximity. That happened to Atlanta teenager Jalaih Harmon when the viral “Renegade” dance that she created was stolen and repurposed, by a white Tik Toker, with no initial credit given to her. 

Similarly, when dances like the “Nae Nae” and “Hit The Quan” filtered into pop culture, we saw a surge of non-Black folks rushing to imitate these dance moves with little homage paid to their origins. 

Hence, Blavity sat down with renowned Memphis Jooker, Lil Buck to discuss the importance of society, especially  non-Black people, learning the culture and history behind some of the most popular modern dances, before attempting to profit off of them.