Outrage has continued to grow over the death of Poushawn Brown, a 38-year-old Amazon delivery driver who last year was moved into a COVID-19 testing unit at one of the company’s warehouses in Virginia despite having no medical background or experience.

Christina Brown, Poushawn’s older sister, gave a tearful interview to Blavity about the devastation her family is facing and the offensive response she says they received from Amazon after Poushawn's death. 

Christina, who also worked at Amazon for a short period, said she could not afford to have an autopsy performed on Poushawn after she died unexpectedly in the middle of January. A week before her death, Poushawn told her she wasn’t feeling well and had a headache before she died suddenly one morning in her sleep.

Because Poushawn worked at Amazon as a COVID-19 tester for their DDC3 warehouse in Springfield, Virginia, Christina asked the company whether they would be willing to cover the cost of the autopsy to figure out what happened to her.  

She got no response from the company for weeks and was eventually forced to bury Poushawn without an autopsy. On Jan. 28, Amazon finally responded to Christina, only offering her and Poushawn’s 12-year-old daughter two months of counseling that would expire on April 1. 

“My sister was not a doctor, she was not a nurse. She wasn't an LPN, an RN, a CNA or a health aide. She had no business administrating COVID tests to anyone. She signed up to work at Amazon to be a sorter, not a COVID tester. She didn’t even have the proper PPE,” Christina said. 

“This is a trillion-dollar company. At the end of the day, if you take the money out of it, any company that you work for would at least send a card or flowers, or at least ask what happened and how it happened,” she added. 

Amazon did not respond to Blavity’s multiple requests for comment.