Shadow and Act has an exclusive preview of this week’s episode of Blindspotting.

In the episode “Goblet of Cheese,” “Ashley, Trish, Janelle and Earl celebrate Halloween on Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Trish pretends to be blind to get a disabled pass to cut lines. Jacque introduces Cuddie to her Filipino family at the annual costume party.”

Season 2 sees Miles' loved ones trying to preserve as a family while trying to grapple with his incarceration.

“We arrive with Ashley on very high anxiety because this is nine months later from when the last time you saw them,” Jasmine Cephas Jones told Shadow and Act her portrayal of Miles’ wife. “And she has a lot of pent-up feelings that she has not dealt with. And at the same time, everybody is telling her that she’s not fun. So she is trying to find a sense of self and who she is without Miles and that’s really hard to do.”

According to showrunner Daveed Diggs, Season 2 will continue to shed light on the prison system has on families.

“Season 1 was really about the beginning of this process, it was about the shock of having a loved one removed from the family and being incarcerated,” Diggs explained. “This season is sort of about the continuation, it’s about the stasis. How do you persevere as a family? After we’ve sort of established that we are making the choice to persevere as a family, right? And so that’s kind of where we meet them. Iit brings up a whole bunch of new, interesting, sort of smaller tidbits about how various people deal with that.”

Watch the exclusive clip below:

Blindspotting Season 2 airs new episodes every Friday at 9 p.m on Starz.