A BMF line producer, Ian Woolf, is currently under investigation by Lionsgate following an “intimidation tactic” he made towards picketing writers in Georgia.

According to Variety, Woolf allegedly drove his SUV in the direction of those protesting and stopped a few short only feet away from hitting the group. Writer Brian Egeston detailed the incident on Twitter on June 8.


“When you pointed your SUV at me as though it were a weapon and slammed the breaks within six feet of writers, I felt the hate and aggression of scenarios similar to Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and others who have been harmed at the hands of hate-filled oppressors,” Egeston wrote. “As I marched with the WGA in a peaceful protest, similar to the giants who have walked the very streets where you almost committed manslaughter, you chose to—in your own words— ‘Tried to scare you.’ Mr. Woolf, this scare and intimidation tactic reeks of German Shepards, water hoses, bricks and burning flesh. It reeks of the worst kind of hate. A hate that continually divides us as a people.”



Lionsgate released a statement, noting that a full investigation will be taking place.

“We take acts of intimidation and threats of violence seriously and investigate them thoroughly. As we continue to investigate, we have sent home the individual involved,” a Lionsgate rep in a statement.

As of this writing, Woolf has not publicly commented on the incident.