In 2016, black men are leveling up in the hair care game.


Just when you thought #BonnetBoyz was the next installation of black men making fun of black women’s hair care or an answer to this important query,

Something even more unexpected happens.

It was early New Year’s morning when Twitter users @Gladvillain and @YouUglyOnSkype launched a movement that would revolutionize the millennials approach to hair care for the better.

The movement quickly gained speed.

Eventually, men were in confession mode, exposing black hair struggle few thought would be offered for public consumption … or emotional support. #BonnetBoyz had turned into full blown community.

Allies came forth to represent those without Internet.

Black women have risen within this digital revolution, with solidarity and a sense of urgency (if only in the form of desire).

What’s next for #BonnetBoyz? Only time will tell. Some suggest they’re well on their way to usurping the Twitter throne from alternate headwrap accessories, legendary #DuragGang and emerging #BeforeBedHeadz.

It’s a cold (yet adequately moisturized and satin-protected) world.