Boosie let out a fury of words while being arrested during a traffic stop in Georgia, and it was recorded by an officer’s body camera, according to TMZ.  

Officers said they smelled marijuana and searched the black Cadillac SUV that Boosie was a passenger in at the time.

“I can’t be going through this though, bro,” Boosie said while handcuffed. “It’s harassment, it’s every day. I can’t even live. I moved to the country to f**kin’ live, bro.”

He added that he moved to rural Georgia to avoid contact with police, and later mentioned that he had 35 women at his house at that moment engaging in sexual activity.

As the video progresses, the Baton Rouge rapper appears to threaten the officers with physical violence and legal action, Uproxx reports.

“Car’s not stolen, registration is right, the tag is right,” he said. “You f**king motherf**kers are targeting my vehicles.”

Officers discovered a bag of money and weed inside of the car before placing Boosie in handcuffs.

Boosie grew increasingly angry during the video, urging the officers to “lock me up for whatever the f**k you want to lock me up for.”

The rapper added that he was “tired of being f**ked with.”

He then started pacing in front of the police car, threatening to sue the officers and pointing out that if he were a white college athlete, the officers would not harass him, according to Complex.

The officer eventually released the “Smoking on Purple” artist after De’Shun Lawrence, who was also in the vehicle, claimed the weed was his, according to TMZ. They received a minor citation for the marijuana, Complex reports.